Monday, June 20, 2011

A very confused chook.

This is Dawn. Dawn is one of the chooks that lives with Sid in our yard.

Every year Dawnie gets clucky and sits on eggs for weeks.  But nothing hatches.

The other hens who are obviously smarter than Dawnie tell her every year that she needs a rooster , a husband to help her make babies.
And every year Dawnie goes on the same mission.

Every different bird she sees she yells out
"Hey do you want to get married and have chicks."

And every time me and the chooks have to set her straight.

"Dawnie thats a magpie not a rooster"

"Dawnie that's a noisy minah, not a rooster."

"Dawnie that's a kookaburrah, not a rooster."

 "Dawnie that's a lorrikeet , not a rooster."

  "Dawnie that's a butcher bird , not a rooster."

And every time she asks , "Are you sure?" and they all yell
and she believes them until see she sees another bird.

 "Dawnie that's a bush turkey, not a rooster."

  "Dawnie that's a King parrot , not a rooster."

And the final straw.

Dawnie thought this one would make a good father as he was the silent solid type.

In the end, Sid decided he wanted to be a father and the next minute he was.............

I couldn't believe it when I saw it.  A bunny and a chook.

And then I thought about it.  Well if it makes them happy stranger relationships have worked.

And besides maybe this will stop her

going down to the laggon and making a complete hussy of herself.

Hussy's only give the impression that they are ready for anything and that ruins ones reputation. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A sad hound and mum saves the day

So yesterday Mum says,
"Guess what Rosie?  We are going to Tyson Readon's and you can have a big run and play, but first we have to stop somewhere and it will be quick.

You know where we stopped?

The vets and it wasnt quick!

 And you know what was at the vets waiting to be adopted?  A cat. Terrifying creatures they are. I steered right away from them.  There is no talking logic with them.

First Dr Ingrid called me in and said what a beautiful hound I was ( ob-vi-ous)  and whilst she was saying  that the she stuck a needle in me!

Then she shot some pink stuff up my nose.

Then she said my ears were manky with a yeast infected so she cleaned out my ears and then squirted all this goo in them

Then they started to clip my claws and I said I had enough and no amount of bribing was going to keep me there so we left.

And guess what was waiting in the waiting room?   A fluffy fat white bunny, but I didn't have the energy to bite its head off. I wanted out before the Dr Ingrid changed her mind and wanted to take my temperature.

But Mum took me to  Tyson's and  we had a mad run and I thought "Well that's the day over , back to normal tomorrow."

But no! Because of my sick ears I cant surf, so mum decided to walk me up the Scenic road to the letter box outside the shop. This was a very dangerous as there are cars and buses ( a bit like kennels of wheels) whizzing past, but there were new smells and it was interesting.
When were almost there when Mum saw this man trotting up her .

He said " Bus"
and Mum said "what?"
and he said "bus"
and Mum said "now?"
and he said "tomorrow" . And that was all he knew to say.
Meanwhile I was very protective, as a hound should be and stood behind her just incase he came behind her and I hid my tail to keep it out of the way

So mum said to him "come with me"

So with little words on mums part in English

And his small english and lots of chinese

And a lot of miming on mums part

And sign language

 And the timetable outside the shop

We know that at 0859 tomorrow morning the man from China is going to stand outside the shop and when he sees the bus

   He is going to wave like mad, then get on and say

And mum said "OK?"
And he said "OK!"

So knowing all will be good, he waved us goodbye.

On the way home mum says " Rosie we never walk this way and today is the first time,  all because of your manky ears.  And today of all days I meet the only non english speaking chinese man in Macmasters beach who wants a bus to Gosford.  This happens so much.  Its like a have a sign saying "ask me".

 "Seriously you ask the kids.  It has happened all over the world.   Maybe its a gift. Maybe God or Allah or Buddha or St Jude  and all those other who I don't beleive in (but would like to) have given me a gift and its to give every wino junkie, mental and   lost nonenglish speaking human being , help when they need a hand.   
Now dont get me wrong I loved my job even if it broke me,  because I  always beleived if I could make a difference no matter how small.................

And she went on and on and on all the way home.

But you know what, I think that man from China made her happy ,because she always says one should be of use and today she could be.  

Maybe she does have that face that means people will come up to her

Or maybe its because when we go out she has no idea how uncoordinated her clothing and hats are and that she looks a bit sckewy and not really someone to be afraid of.

Either way she walks really fast on hard surfaces and I am exhausted.  Its a big job protecting ones owners.