Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The last post

This christmas thing has kept the family very busy.

On Boxing Day , Clancy took mum to a camera shop and she got a very good deal on the camera she wanted.  Mum  was very happy but the camera man wasnt.

Then we went down the beach and there were people everywhere.

And then we saw them out in the ocean.

Dolphins.  They would fly up into the air and just as mum would click the camera they landed and go under.

She could only get snippits but she said it was beautiful christmas event and she was happy that people left them alone.  It was like the whole beach when quiet.

We were all in awe.

I was initially awed and then I turned around and saw the the most confusing dog I had ever seen.

It had a face at each end and I think someone has pushed each end and squashed it together.

It has two eyes at one end and  the other end had only one eye and it was closed.

Maybe it was some kind of watch dog.  I dont care.  I am just exhausted from the constant adoration and attention on the beach.  So many humans, so little me

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The second last last post

You are never going to believe this!


They left me at home and  alone for chistmas.

Yep one whole night by myself at christmas.


One whole night and two half days for christmas.

When they got home they saw laying on my mat in grief for being left for christmas.


And I said "How could you do that?  Leave me the most beautiful hound at Macmasters beach for Christmas"?





 Mum said I would have been overwhemed by love and affection and adoration. I wouldnt have had a minute to myself.





 And I thought she is right it would have been too much and its not fair that people would miss out.

So after a nano second I forgave them  I let them hug me and kiss me and scratch my back and tummy and pat my head and I let them do it for at least  20 minutes. ( each)


And then I let them bring their stuff on from the car as I was exhausted after all that.







And then I realised that it was best that I didnt go. After all I have so little "me time" and there is only so much I can give for others.

Besides "Whats christmas?" 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

the second last post

So I was just cleaning out the garbage bin from the neighbourhood Christmas drinks,  when mum came out and went
And I said I was just looking for some photos for the blog and she said
And I said that's where I thought they may be and then I went inside.

And both of mums cameras have had it,

And she got angry and said
'Bucket! bucket!  bucket!!!!!"

And I said "Mum they are cameras not buckets."

So she is going to wait until the after Christmas sales and go in and make some sales persons life miserable.

This the the last blog aside from the post Christmas appraisal.

There is only one thing I can say about this year and that is Lucky they got me, because I don't know how they managed....well I do know how they managed..........they didn't.

Since I arrived I have taken Mum to the beach almost every day.  If she cant make it then I take Dad or Clancy or Patrick or Joseph, but most days she does it.

And mum has taken up photography  though mainly of me.  She even entered some amatuer competitions.


And we have met lots of dogs down the beach and Mum sometimes talks to the owners. Mum has remembered small talk.
Actually she never  remembers the humans names only the dogs

And so you know what?.
Mum has fallen in love with the beach and wetlands all over again.  She says they give her a sense of peace and wonder.

Fancy that!

She doesn't need Vitamin D any more, she is getting fitter  and a bit of a tan.
But don't talk about weight as that upsets her. 
She just says "Bloody pills, you cant have it all  Rosie!"

Sid and the girls are a lot happier as I am here to watch over them.  Sid had so little time to get on with his grand design bunny hole digging so I free him up.

"Thank god for Rosie.  I have 'me" time and all my creativity is coming back."

And because I am so fearsome and vigilant the street is safer 

and that leaves Dad to do things he likes,  like bottle collecting and scabbing stuff from throw outs. 

So you think with all these improvements and happiness that I have  brought that Mum wouldn't ask anything of me. 

But she did. and because it was important and sometimes its the little things that make people the happiest and Mum is very cheap when it comes to happiness and after all she makes me great meals and she threatened Dino the deranged and she doesn't carry on when she finds  me on the lounge and after all I do have my own room now So....................................................................

To you all,  a Merry Christmas from  Macs' Wilmotts .

I so cant believe I am doing this.

Monday, December 13, 2010

the little visitor

So the other day mum says
"Guess what Rosie? Oh you will never guess !  We are having a  visitor coming for a night time sleep .  Can you guess who it is? Can you? Can you? "

My heart went into my throat and I thought it might have been Big Richard the handsomest hound in the universe,
and Mum said no.

Them I said
"Might be Lightening Leo whose dash and speed  make me go all a quiver?"

And Mum said "Rosie be serious"

And then she said

"Its SIMBA!!!!!!!!!"

Not this kind of Simba.

This kind.

So when he got here I though I would set him straight.
I said
'Simba.  There is a pecking order and goes like this top to bottom.
Mum,  Dad,  me, Sid,  Chooks"

And Simba said


"And I have my own room and I don't share"


"And eat my bones here"

"And you eat yours here"

" Sure"

And Sid said

"Simba no harassing the girls. "

"No problems Sid."

As it turns out,  Simbah is a great guy.
Very respectful. A great guest.  He even took a share of guard duty and he took it seriously.

And Simba tells some great jokes. He had me in stitches.

In fact the little guy turned out to be great. He was one cool terrier type and not a yap in him.

So the next day when he went home. I think we all missed him a little.

Until mum told me he lives across the road. Fancy that!

"Some days I swear Rose has been drinking the toilet cleaner"