Friday, January 27, 2012

My Near Death Experience

So I have been very very sick.  I didn't think a hound could get so sick.

And whats worse, I didn't think a hound could get so sick and wouldn't want to eat.

It started of down the beach when mum growled at me not to touch the maggotty dead fish.  She used her serious voice.

So I seriously thought she wanted me to eat it and I did.

And when Mum yelled "Don't go in the lagoon." "Rosie! DON'T GO IN THE LAGOON! ITS MANKY WITH RAIN WATER RUN OFF"  "And you don't know who has been peeing and dumping in it in these holidays."

So I went in cause it looked good to me. Tasted funny too.

And on the way home mum stopped and said "I can smell horse shit"

And I said "Isn't is beautiful?  I am rolling in it now as part of a hound beauty treatment."

The next day I wasnt feeling so good.  If felt like a thousand bunnies were running inside my tummy and were trying to get out both ends.

Mum said me and this girl had a lot in common
Cause I was throwing up stuff I had never eaten.

I couldn't move or eat or drink.

Then as I was lying on the floor telling Mum that Simbah can have all my bones, cause I was sure I was going to die,
Mum had the worst idea possible.

And she put me in the car and took me to........

The VET!!!.


And Dr Kylie took my temperature in the most unmentionable way. It was very unpleasant and I glared at her and mum.  This was so beneath me.

 So every time she pressed my tummy I let her know that I wasnt happy.

 And she decided to stick all these needles in me .  Sometimes she was putting stuff in and the other she was taking blood out.

I don't know how they didn't kill me.

I couldn't hold anything down

Or in

And Mum said I was looking like that girl in the movies again.

I didn't care.  I had wrote my biography and attached the best photos, along with my pedigree and will and was prepared for the end.
And then Mum said" I have another great idea!!"
And she took me BACK TO THE VET.   Who stuck MORE needles in me and sent me home.
 And I thought "Thats it. Its over." I told mum I could see the white light and I was going to walk towards it.

 And Mum said that that was the toilet door left open with the light on and that I wasnt dying and that I had a tummy bug and I will live.

 "I'm going to live"

All those needle and things up my bottom must have worked because I really started to feel better.

And even though I had to force myself I managed a little sustanence.

 When I was well enough to start my fitness routine all my chums asked where I had been and that there had been rumours on peemail that I had a life threatening illness.
And I told them it was true and how Dr Kylie saved my life

She is such a great vet even if she has some very disgusting ways of doing things.

 Dad said I was a tough hound and deserved a bravery award for getting through it.

But Mum said she had a better award in mind.
Thats why I love Mum and Dad they just so get me.




Saturday, January 14, 2012


Its holiday time here at Macs.
And when the weather is fine and the sharks are hiding , people are everywhere.  They are holding back a bit with the sharks, but that doesn't bother us as there is less crowds.

And all their dogs want to play with me and swim with me because I am such a beach chick hound.

And because of my beauty and athlectic-ness  a lot of people wanted to know about greyhounds.

And you know mum. She will tell them.

Over and over and over.

Sometimes I just sit as I get so bored and because Mum thinks it will ruin my spine, we get moving. Mum is such a good learner.
And we had some sadness.  Keg the best Staffy in Macs died.  Everyone loved Keg as he was so fat he couldn't chase anyone. But that didn't stop him trying. He is buried in his beloved front yard so at night he can still bark at passers by.  He had a great farewell. Everyone brought flowers and candles.

Meanwhile all the locals are exhausted by being the there to feed into the tourist expectations.

The cormorants are over posing for the sunset silhouette, even though it has all the camera people going ooh and aah with their stunning-ness. They are threatening to get the fruit bats to come over and cover their mouths with red lippy and pretend to be vampires.

Saw Terry on a walk and he was too pooped from not smiling, because his lot dont.  He thought he might blend into the pole.  Told him he was doing a great job as me and mum couldn't see him. I think that made him happy, but you cant tell.
Elvis was buggered by the first week in January.  Its hard being the only egret on the lagoon and he thought if he sat on the dead tree, people would think he was a cormorant. Then he thought he could pretend to be a white vulture, but in the end he just sat and told the kiddies to naff off or he would peck their eyes out.  He was stressed.

The pelicans have buggered off because the tourists at the Entrance throw fish instead of bread.

Helga is pretending to be a seagull instead of a white face heron.

Kris is pretending to be a duck .

And the ducks are getting so fat from so much bread that they will start to sink.

Meanwhile the Edward and Wallis Wagtail are raising their babies.

All day they go
Mum!Mum! Mum! Mum! Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!

Or they yell dad, dad, dad dad, dad, dad

Now that they are out of the nest they just yell all day.

But Mum is stoked that all three have made it so far. 

The same with the magpies and their kids.  Mum reckons magpies get the bird parenting award for putting up with the constant screeching of babies wanting worms.

Speaking of parents, we have had a heap of family up. Some brought their human  pups up.

 They also brought their dog Bear Up.

Now I don't know much about human pups, but I know they are fast and you have to watch them all the time as they are slippery.

So to give Bear a holiday we took turns sitting on  the veranda. It meant less "me' time but those pups are quick.

One night Joe came home late and Bear barked like a manic German shepherd. Scared the poop outta him. Me and Bear just laughed and laughed. 

Joe took it really well  too. He just laughed and laughed.  Just look at him.

They have all gone now and as tired as I am it is very quiet with out them,


Gives us a few days and I think I can handle more love and adoration .  Well someone has to receive it don't they?

Meanwhile its my turn to put the fin on and go down the the beach and swim around.