Saturday, May 12, 2012

We are back

I am not very happy.  I have just written a blog and lost the bloody lot.

I have not been able to write much lately as mum and dad have been preoccupied and mum hasnt been travelling too well.

See what I mean

So it been up to me to look after the chooks

Guard the house from the blue tongue human eating lizard

that was in front of our house.

And make sure that the sofa  was in good order
 and mum and dads bed was arranged so it was comfy

sort out the sheeting on the office sofa

And finally the spare bed,

I had to smooge Joseph so he could sleep at night

Keep man eye on all the birds that come into the garden. All of them are fighting at the moment.

And my only relaxation was having staring contest with flys in my tail.  Of which I always one.

However Mum and dad went to sydney and when they came back they were happy

 And Joseph is happy
 And Patrick is happy

And Clancy is happy
 Dad is happy

And mum is back to normal.

Even better they feel so guilty for neglecting me I am getting scratches and smooches and treats.  I think I will give them a week before they can stop