Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Load on a Hounds Shoulders

On Sunday mum got sick and had to go to the human vet hospital for a couple of days.

The next day,  Joseph got in his car and went to agricultural college.

And since Clancy and Patrick are already living in the city.

And Dad had to go to school and teach knuckleheads.

I was left  at home , alone.

But it was serious, because Dad said,

"I have to leave you in charge Rosie as there is no one else.  Can you do it?"

Piece of cake!

I had to keep an eye on things

First there was the spare room

Then the office.

Then the other spare room,

Then Mum and dads room.

Later on the loungeroom.

The dining room

Then I waited on the verandah for dad.

When I heard dads car I would jump up.

I did this for three days.

Each after noon Dad would say
"Hello Rosie Darling , you must be exhausted  and hungry from all that guarding'

Seriously what would you say?

And because mum always feeds me, Dad didn't know what to give me, so he gave me heaps of everything.

It was fun, but I really missed mum and I was so glad to see her.

But now she is back I can hand over and get some catch up sleep.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Hot Weekend

The other weekend my mate Tyson came over to stay.  This was great, because I have been to his farm plenty of times, but he has never been to my beach.

At first he wouldn't come in the house. The I told him it wasnt a pig pen and then he was Ok.

I showed him the kitchen and told him it was self serve, unless Mum was around and then you pretend like you are starving.

I had to tell him that it was OK to wait outside the toilet for Mum, but only I am allowed to push open the door if anyone is in there.

Mum took us down the beach and on the way I showed him the best peemail sites.  You pick up so much information and gossip that way.

Tyson isnt  a beach dog.  I told him about rips and swells.  He didnt understand, because dams dont have those things, so I told him to stay near.

And he did.  Not because of safety, but because he thinks he has round me up.  He is a cattle dog and he has to keep up his skills. I mean, you never know when a cow might be walking by lost from the herd.  Well thats what Tyson hopes for.

The next day Simbah comes over to stay the night as well.

It was really hot and mum hates heat.

But with the air conditioner, we were coping well.

Mum was in the office in the office doing stuff, so we kept her company.  I had really bad wind from some bones the night before and I couldn't help myself.

Simbah kept playing peek a boo with Tyson.

And Tyson wanted to play round ups.

And it got hotter and hotter, and then Mum went

"Oh for goodness sake give me a break"

And she marched off to the toilet.

And when she came out of the toilet we all yelled


And you know what she did?

She marched us into the dining room and said.
"Enough is enough!  I am taking charge of the pack!  It is forty-bloody-five degrees outside and I am over it!

So she pointed at Simbah and said

" Simbah in your corner and close eyes!"

And he went.

"Tyson on  the floor. Close eyes."

And I just went before she could say anything.

That night for dinner she gave us the best bones she could find.  They were great.

The next day down the beach and  after Simbah went home and in between some some spectacular springing on my part with Tyson chasing me..............................................

Tyson says
" I dont get it.  Yesterday afternoon,  she was really angry , waved her finger at us and made us have a nap and then she gave us the best dinner and the best bones."

I told Tyson
"Its guilt.  All humans have it to some degree. Mum hates it when she gets angry with us. She just loves us so much. 

And Tyson asked if we were taking advantage of her.

I told him we totally were and there is nothing wrong with that.

After all its about duty, love, loyalty and most of all.......................................