Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life goes on without Sid



Bored and lonely. Since Sid has gone its too quiet.

The beach is the same every day. 

The lagoon emptied out, but apart from some very exciting bird spotting which has mum off her dial, there is nothing to stimulate my mind.

I have my chum Simbah, but he is more a chum by his attachment disorder rather than a meeting of the minds.

And Tyson who is mad keen on running and thus we do fitness together. And he has a dam, so  you dont get pelican itch,

 My best mates down the  beach are Gin and Tonic.  I thought their names were Jack and Russell, but Mum said that was their breed and according to me a breed is anything that isn't a hound. I am sure I have told you about them but if I havent.  This is Gin and Tonic.

Gin and Tonic are fearless and fearsome.  They are so brave and so cool.  I stand in awe of their awesomeness.  They have  no issue about size and are ruthless in their pursuits.

Like I will say, " Lets go for a surf!"

 But Gin goes,

"Nah. Cant Rosie. Going fishing. The tide is emptying water into the lagoon and you never know when a great white might spill in.  Been waiting for years to catch one of those buggers.  Sick of bream and mullet."

And off he goes.  Now you cant see him in this photo cause he is just a speck, but he swims for ages and ages. He knows what a great white shark is, but it doesn't frighten him.  He just swims and swims and barks.  Its like he is daring the damned thing to come in. I just stand horrified that one might come in and horrified one wont as he will not stop.

And then Tonic goes 'What was that?

And starts digging

When I catch up I ask what's there? And I am told
"There is a distinct possibility of the Mutant Eastern Sand python.
Sneaky devils. They are about  20 meters long and 2 meters wide."
"How deep do you have to dig?"  says me
"About 5 meters as they sleep vertical , 5 meters under the sand.

Five meters! I cant even do a haffa! She said did I want to help as it would be so much fun and when we got this python the best bit will be wrestling it.

But I passed.  

I decided a little dermabrasion in the sand for fine lines would be better. Besides the digging would wreck my nails.

And I left Tonic digging. Tonic's human has a long rope attached to the collars so if she goes down too far he can pull her out.  I think to date she has found about 5 deflated balloons and a beer bottle.

Then they both came back for a breather and Gin said
"Hey Rosie. We heard your hanging around poodles."


 Geez how DO these stories get around?

OK this is it .  Once I met a poodle. I didn't know what it was.  I thought it was a weird kind of sheep.  I didn't understand a word she barked as she was French. That's it.  Over.  

Sometimes I wonder what it is like to be Gin and Tonic with their fearsomeness and fearlessness and their tenacity.

Maybe I should be more like them.

But then I wonder who would dazzle people on behalf of the hound with athletic-ness and beauty.


As well as being the self appointed model of hound bling.

No better to leave those things to the Russells  as no one could ever match them and I will do what I do best.

Sleep and look beautiful

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Eulollygyg, A Loologillly, A Tribute to Sid

So Mum says ,that when a family member dies, you have to say a thingy or tell the story of their life and since Sid has died, Mum has left it to me, because I am very good at this.

Sid was born. We know that because he wouldn't be here if he wasnt.

He probably had lots of brothers and sisters because bunnies breed like rabbits.

We have no idea  of his life before he was dumped at a friends place, but it couldn't have been good.

They adopted Sid before they adopted me and when I first saw Sid I said aloud,
"Wow they bought me a bunny to play with"
Now Sid is a very blokey bunny ,only I didn't know that and he said, in his big rough deep voice.
"If you touch me you half starved maggot I will bite you on the tip of your tail and you will be crying for your mummy"

And being the friendly and classy she-hound that I am, I just said,

"Ok. no problem." and walked away

Sid met Dawnie in the chook yard and it was love at first sight.

Theirs was true love and they went everywhere together. Except down Sid's burrow as Dawnie couldn't walk backwards to get out.

And its sad, that no matter how hard they tried, which was the most confusing and disgusting sight for a hound to see,

they were not blessed with children.  But they had imaginary children.  Sid was very supportive when Dawn was clucky and even when she thought she hatched imaginary babies, he never said anything.

He was a good burrow builder.  He could even burrow under the fence and visit David and eat his parsley and carrots and grass.

Sid and I were great mates. He loved a good joke
"Hey Sid do you want to come out and play greyhound chases the bunny? You can be the greyhound?"

"Oh Bugger off  Rosie or I am going to tell everyone you hang around poodles."

Once .  I met a poodle once and he would make a big thing of it.

Other times I would go
" Hey Sid' Do you want to go out chasing cats"

"Rosie you idiot, you are scared shitless of cats."

But seriously Sid and I had a love hate relationship.  I would have loved to have chased him all over a paddock and he would have hated it.

Mum always said that one day Sid  would go down his burrow and never come up, because by now  he was over 5 years old .  That's very old for a bunny with responsibilities.

But no. Dad found him in the yard on the soft cut grass Dad had put in the chook yard the night before. He was near his beloved Dawnie.

Scared the living daylights out of mum when she saw him stiff on a shovel.

So here's to you Sid, husband , father and the Blokiest bunny is all of Macmasters.
By the way mum says a tribute is always finished with music.  So  I picked this one for Sid.