Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mums new toy and the big party

So this week Mum and Dad's youngest pup turned 18 which means he is beginning to be an adult dog and they had a party.

He started off like this.

And ended up like this .  Here he is with Mum and Dad.  I know how well he grows because Dad always  feeds everyone good kibble , veges and

Everyone brought food and I just quietly helped myself.

There were human pups there and we had to light candles so many times so they could blow them out.  I went outside at this stage.

All in all it was pretty good to have the whole pack there.

Every one talked and even the Gran and Grandad hounds were there.

Many of the pack hadn't met me before , despite me being a famous hound author.  And I had to let a lot of people pat me and cuddle me.
Sometimes Mum had to take me to her bedroom as it was too much especially with human pups. 

The next two days , I spent  all my waking minutes cleaning every crumb off the veranda.  It was a mess. Every time I turned around there was so much to clean up.

It was exhausting. But I covered that whole area.

The other bit of news is that Mum has a new camera.  And our walks are getting very disorganized with her stopping.

We must have spent 15 minutes with her taking photos of the Macmasters totem.  What Mum didn't know was that about 50 dogs had wee-ed on it.

But its pictures like this that just egg her on.

No wonder I get tired.  Being  a hostess, cleaner and assistant photographer is too much for one hound.

On  the other hand she needs me. I mean look at her. 
Am I the only one who can see that a dead chook on your head isn't elegant?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Beautician and the Bunny

 As you will have noticed I havent been around and able to write because I have been a very busy hound and mum hogs the computer and all that stuff. But today . Today was a big day.

It started off when Mum said
"Guess what Rosie!  We are going to the Hound Beauticians"

I knew  by her cheezy smile and her happy happy voice, that I was going to get my nails clipped.

" No no no ! No way am I going to those butchers"

" They will give you lots of bribes and cuddles and you will look beautiful and you will run faster."

" No, nup , no way. I'm not going"

If you don't get up now I am going to tell Sid you're a sook and he  will call you a poodle.

Thats the problem with Mum , she is a very good bluffer and you cannot tell if she would really do it, so off we went.

 When we walked in,  I saw this...................................

then this ,

And  I thought ,

'This isnt going to be good'

They took me to the bench.  When I saw the clippers I chickened out. So I did what has always worked at the vet. I jumped and whinged and quivered. I knew that they would then give up. But they didn't.   I must of wriggled and jumped for a whole minute, but I was defenseless,  because they kept giving me bribes and patting me and telling me how beautiful I am.  What could I do? I couldn't disagree so I gave them a break and they cut my nails. 

You know it really wasn't that bad and next time we go back I want them painted as well and maybe a little glitter.....

But I didnt tell Mum that.  Instead I laid on the lounge  and went
'Oh my sore feet!  I have been crippled!  How could you do that to me?'

That was until Mum said we should go for a walk and smooth the edges of my nails on sand.

And today we went a different way and as usual Mum interrupted my pee-mail checks by stopping to take photos of the black swans.  She just loves them.

She made us climb a big hill  as she wants to get fitter and it took ages to get to the beach,  but we did get there.

I saw my mate Sheila and when we were swimming she asked me where I got my nails done as they looked so good.

I told her Precious Pets at Avoca and how "like everyone,  who is anyone goes there.
I told her that looking at  her coat, a wash cut and blow dry might be in order.

On the way home mum picked up the biggest bit of weed all tangled up in fishing line and that upset her as it is very dangerous
"and it could kill all the whales and dolphins and sea birds and her precious black swans..................."

But I had stopped listening because there it was.

Looking at me

Looking at it

 Looking at me.

And when I couldnt look any more, I turned to Mum and said " I cant look any more mum. Its wrong to stare."

And as we walked away I said to Mum.
" That is is the UGLIEST bunny I have ever seen!.  Don't tell Sid as it could be a relative of his."

I told mum that
"Bewtween the hound beautican and  that bunny I will probably have nightmares tonight"

" And I think  next time at the hound beauticians I will get my nails done purple . Yep. That's a good retired hound colour. I wonder if I can get highlights as well to cover the greys"

I think Mum needs an early night because when she gets tired she gets so stressed.  Woof!