Sunday, December 18, 2011


Oh dear its Christmas time again.

Mum hasn't been too excited as she has been busy fighting with the evil overlords who are constantly threatening the   welfare of the injured worker.

And Dad grew a beard for Movember

By the time Mum got used to it he shaved it off.

But then he made a scare crow to keep the cockatoo's off the passion fruit and now Mum freaks out every time she drives around the corner and sees it.

However Clancy has been working in Mums favourite city and in a great hall or something.
I don't know if she does the bookings for the ballet school or the Tai -kwon do or Bingo, but she does it well because if anyone misbehaves she just looks at them

And they are instantly good.

Patrick has been living in Sydney for a year now and Mum has coped really well.

She has cut down her daily phone calls to weekly.

He has settled in really well and has done brilliantly at Uni.

Joseph turned 18 and he is handsome and suave.  He is learning new things.

And he got a tattoo just like me except my ears are tattooed not my butt cheek.

Mum and I still walk the beach and lagoon every day.  I am sun baking to get some bleach tips like a surfer chick hound.

And mum still takes heaps of photos of the birds and all the interesting happenings. She is even getting some good feedback on her photos. 

But Christmas is a bit flat for her.  She found her box of German decorations and that made Dad really happy.

And she found their Norwegian Christmas dolls called Inge and Auge.

And she started to feel better.

Then she found her German angels

And she decided


to hang them

all around the windows with the christmas balls that a little old lady made.         


She was feeling really chuffed until it was put her that it looked like a Christmas fairy lynching.       

At first she went quiet and then she just laughed and laughed.  Its great to see her in the Christmas spirit .


She is so into Christmas she wants to go hunting reindeer antlers  because she "@+#*#@!" hates them" and wants nail them up on the wall but Dad and Joe wont take her. And since she is as blind as a bat at night driving  everyone's cars are safe.

It doesn't matter, as she is happy now as she has her happy hat on.

And so on behalf of me and mum we wish you a happy holiday and a safe and healthy new year.

Oh the things I let her do just to make her happy,

by Rosie Greyhound Wilmott, Duchess of Macs 2011