Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Rosie Reality by Simbah, a Blokey Terrier

Hi!  My name is Simbah and I am a great friend of Rosie's.

Sometimes I have holidays at her house.

Lee takes us down the beach and we swim

And we play chasing games,

And some times we just sit and watch other dogs play mad games.

But for most of the time Rosie just goes and goes and swims and runs and just doesnt stop.

Many a dog has come up to me and said
"It must be wicked staying with Rosie as she is so fast and she must be hyper."

So to answer these questions and many more about Rosie's activity, I kept a diary for one day.

When Lee gets up , Rosie gets up and sits in the corner until she gets her peanut butter sandwich and then she goes back to bed.

This is Rosie at 9am

and at 10 am

And 11am

And at about 12 midday she gets up and moves

to her other spot.



At about 430pm Mum says
"Walk Rosie?

And next thing you know she is up, on the leash and dragging me and Lee down the road.

To where she is Queen of the beach and

And the lagoon.

We get home and she gutzes down her dinner and then she goes back to sleep.

You would swear she trains for hours each day, but she doesnt,

She is a big fake,

but we are best mates

and  we love her.

And she stands by me.  What more could you want?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dunno and Mouse.

When Lee  was a little girl she had a best friend called Mouse.

No one could see Mouse and no one could hear Mouse.

Mouse loved Lee and Lee loved Mouse very much.

Lee can't  tell you what Mouse looks like, because Mouse keeps changing his looks, but she reckons that most of the time he looks like this.

Unless was upset then he was angry,  he looked like this.

When  they were happy he looked like this.

Sometimes he was naughty and do things Lee knew would get them into trouble.
And when her mum said
"Lee did you take a bikky before dinner"
Lee would say
" No it was Mouse"
But no one believed her .

The best times where when they would go to bed at night and tell each other stories or when they would go to Grandmas house and she would read to them.

When Lee started school Mouse stayed quiet, as there were so many kids around, he couldn't get a word in.

But when they got home they would play and talk about school and make up the best stories.

Now Lee is called  Mum.  They are still the best of friends and Lee reckons that Mouse is  very clever.  In fact he is the smartest friend she has ever had. He still goes everywhere with her and he sits on her left shoulder so he can see better. And Mum doesn't have to worry about mouse getting stepped on.
We aren't too sure if there really is a Mouse, but you cannot argue with Mum.

When Clancy, Patrick and Joseph were little they had a friend called Dunno.

This is what Dunno looks like.  Now Mum knows that Clancy and Patrick are very creative and Joseph is very practical.  But Dunno was able to do things that even her cleverest best friend Mouse couldn't do.

So when Mum said,
"Who drank the last of the milk and put the carton back in the fridge?"
They would all say,  "Dunno."

Or other times mum would say 

"How many times have It told you to put rubbish in the rubbish bin ! Who left this on the lounge?"  

And they would all say, "Dunno!"

It seems that Dunno was very naughty. He left things on the floor, didn't turn lights off and would hide the nail clippers and throw all the towels on the floor.

Then one day Mum asked,

"Who is Dunno?"

Clancy said he was their imaginary friend.
"Just like your friend Mouse." said Patrick.
And Joseph told mum how Dunno is very naughty and does all the stuff that gets them into trouble.

And Mum said,  "Really.?  Well since you are such GOOD children and wouldn't tell me fibs, I believe you."

Funny thing is,  when they all left home, Dunno must have left with them. Now there is always milk, and no apple cores and the lights get turned off and the towel cupboard is full.

Sometimes I wish Dunno would come back,  especially when I go through the rubbish bin.

However Mum is too smart.

She was sitting at the computer the other day and wearing her big hat and I heard her say,

" You know what Mouse? When I look back, I don't think there was such person as Dunno. I think Clancy and Patrick and Joseph made him up, so they wouldn't get into trouble.  They were too old to have imaginary friends "

And I swear on the grave of Black Top,  the greatest hound in history, I heard a little voice say,

"You are so right Lee, but they are intelligent and creative kids so you should give them some credit"

And Mum said " You are right Mouse. You always are."




Thursday, March 3, 2011

Battles in the chookyard.

This is Olive.  She has made herself head chook of the yard.  Yep,  she has pecked everyone and now she is boss.

But being top hen brings with it responsibilities.
I should know being the most beautiful beach hound at Macs. You have standards.

The other day, Mum cleaned out the cupboards and the chooks got heaps of food scraps .

That was a bit unfair to get it all. After all all they do is lay eggs.  I have a coat to maintain.  However I digress.

And with food comes visitors who want your food.

And they watch.

And their mates fly in and watch.

Then you get sticky beaks.

 And word starts getting around that something is happening in our yard.

Soon others turn up, but they hang around like nothing important is going on.

 Before you know it, big mouth cockatoos have sent a member of the flock on a reconnaissance .  You know its a reccy as there is only one  cockatoo and it's too quiet.

The birds had a tactical meeting  in mums big Grevillia. They decided to send in the dove first.  I think they thought it was symbolic.

But the dove chickened out (ha ha) and took off  with her mates.

All the parrots shot through as well. They are pretty but they cant think through problems.

So the Kookaburrahs decided to send in the Noisy Minahs,  because Noisy Minahs have no sense when it comes to danger and even less sense, when it comes to chook yards and food.

So the Noisy Minah went in.

I couldn't watch.  It was going to end up looking like a pillow fight only the bird was the pillow.

By the time Olive was finished with the Minah everyone thought it was snowing feathers

I just laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.

And you know whats even funnier?

They will be back again tomorrow, because they forget.

But Olive wont and that's why she is a great warrior hen. She is fearsome and should be well respected.

I even think she would be a better politician than some of those other chooks who carry on like their heads are off. But there is only so much that a beautiful beach hound and a warrior hen can do.