Monday, November 22, 2010

The lagoon is back

Can you keep a secret?
This is a big one.
Council didn't open the lagoon. It was a bunch of guys with shovels in wet suits.   They were supervised by the old boys and they did it at daybreak and well the lagoon was  about to overflow anyway.

Apparently the ride is awesome and it was amazing to watch.

No one filmed it and put it on Youtube, as it could have been incriminating,  unless they had ski masks on and then the local paper would have said

"Lagoon opened by terrorists armed with shovels!."

And since they are locals and surfers who love the lagoon to bits and the lagoon is cleansed and refilling,  all is forgiven.

However, this is strictly a secret and you mustn't tell any one,  on pain of a bite on the bum

Me and mum went down there the first evening it was filling with the high tide.  It was a beauty to behold,

The next day me and mum went down and there were heaps of people and all my friends and it was like a great party,

This is Rex.  He is ultimately the cleverest dog on the earth after Tyson.  Rex chases me, but stops crouches and catches me on the way back  Even better than that, he catches flies.  He is very quick and has a good eye, and has atomic focus and chasing strategy.

This is Handsome boy.  His skills of concentration  and ball chasing are second to none.  He isn't as fast as me, but he is only a tad slower and he has a focus of iron when it comes to ball chasing. And he is great stopping after a full run.

And this is Clarence ,another hound. He has a black coat like me. He is simply regal and that makes him very cool.  He is bigger than me. He is a gentleman hound. I bet his ancestors were hounds to Royalty.

There was so much to do with the lagoon changes.  Lucky we were a team . Rex and Spud did alot of the weed sniffing.

In fact we all did a lot of sniffing. . It was fantastic all the new smells.  We even let a couple of non local dogs join us.

Then we would get hot and go for a swim

It was just people and dogs. There were lot more than this,  but mum restrained herself with the camera as it is old and she is hoping for a new one one day.

We were all happy. You couldn't be miserable.

But what made Mum happy was to see that the swans and their babies were OK.

The lagoon still smells brackish in parts, but its cleaner.

And it has left some brilliant organic art.

And mum put me on the lead when we walked past the grumpy old lady's house.

And I heard mum make a strange sound as we walked past. Mum said she was blowing raspberries.

I asked mum what the sound meant.

Mum said it was her way of saying how sad she was for the lady who didn't know the love of hound and the changing beauty of a beach and a lagoon.

I think mum is right.  We should show compassion to the lady.

But just in case mum is wasting her compassion I hope the ducks all go up and shit on the old grouch's  garden.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Lagoon

Patrick has moved out of home and mum took it really well because after all he has grown up and we knew this day would come and mum is really happy that he has been given all the living skills he needs to be independent.
And if Patrick is happy Mum is happy.

And now I have my own room.

So I know what makes mum happy and that is taking me for a walk,
So off we went.

 When we got to the beach I spotted the hairiest bunny or was it a cat? Either way it looked like a fungus and so being  top beach bitch I got down in my most gruesome crouch in order to frighten it off. We cant have freaks like that on the beach.

Then I thought it could have been some sort of  fungus growing on the beach as there have been mutton birds and all sorts of weeds washing up.

Mum did stop me leaping up and tearing it apart. And just in time because as you can tell by the photo I was a about to take off in the most fearsome way.

Lucky for the fungus I stopped because it turned out to are so never going to believe this...........a black toy poodle.

Yes I know what you are thinking.  "Who would do that to a dog.  Bad enough being a poodle".

When we got to the Copa/Macs border the question of where the bad smell had been coming from had been answered.  I initially had blamed the former fungus ,  now poodle.

The lagoon had opened and was emptying into the sea.

And the smell was overwhelming.  It still churns my delicate hound tummy at the thought of it

Mum met a lady down the beach and she was from Copa and she said that, 

"The lagoon had been opened by council, because the people who had houses  along the lagoon were frightened that it was getting too full and it might flood" 

and the Copa lady continued with  something like, 

"What the f... would they know as they live in f.....g  Sydney and don't  give a shit about the devastation and the ecological  consequences"  
"Those rich Sydney b.......s  don't have to live with the f.....g  smell and now its all screwed up for everyone."

And Mum said 
'Well that is interesting.  I would love to stay and talk but I have to go now.  NOW Rosie!" And she me walk away quickly with her.

To be honest it was sad to see the dead baby fish or to see the ones that were alive struggling.

And my jetty looked silly.

And the lagoon looked like it was covered with carpet.

And the smell got worse the closer you went in.

And the water fowl didn't have much water to protect them
and the

   And the black swans and their baby's looked confused.          
 And it was all very quiet. 
And just as we were walking along the woman came out of her house and said to mum

" That dog is supposed to be on a lead"

Mum said to her

" Do you say that to every person who walks their dog along here without a lead "?

And the woman said "No."

So I don't know if mum was worn out by the sight of the lagoon or Patrick leaving home but she didn't say anything. She just gave the lady a strange wave.

And that is because mum is too polite to be rude.  And mum didn't have the energy to explain that in reality I was the last of anyone's problems.


That's what I love about mum, she gets it in perspective.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mum and Pat are home


So Mum and Patrick have come home and I ignored them for about a second and then I couldn't help myself and then Dad told them there is a bunny in the bedroom that we are minding and that I have been trying to get at it, but that was because Dad hadn't fed me and I thought it could be my dinner and then Mum fed me and  I thought the bunny was a new toy until Mum roused.

And then mum said how she missed me so much and how it was the right decision not to take me and how the dogs weren't even on at Wenty Park and how there is just like,  NO beach at Glebe and with all the attention I would have attracted because of my beauty and my Serina Williams butt,  it would have been too much.

All of it was so true but  no beach at Glebe!  What is
Sydney a third world country for dogs?

 So here is Mums report on Sydney.
Sydney is looking sleek.  It is alive with great energy that is brought by the people who go to it everyday.  They are like the red blood cells coursing through the city's veins and without people the city is an empty shell, which led to her concern about affordable housing for all these people ( but that is a books worth)

 She visited Town Hall and thought
"Hmmm. This really is a beautiful old building. However architecturally speaking it is good that Sydney is throwing off the cloak of colonial mediocrity and subservience and organically developing a  modern Australian city that can be exactly what it wants"

Mum also went to the second level of Woolies.  Her grandfather Joe help build the building. She says the second floor still smells like meat pie, chips, peas and gravy, from when she was a kid and her mum used to take her into the city.

She went to the new city Westfield.

The food court was great and she thought
"Where else can you get a coffee with a view of Castlereagh street and Hyde Park and the spires of St Mary's?"

And she got really lost in her thoughts and started thinking of how "consumption" is the old word for tuberculosis and it was incurable and nowadays we have a new type of incurable consumption, only it to do with the gathering of goods and debt is killing us  and that's scary too.

Then she heard a noise that she thought would rupture her ear drum.

It was a baby crying.

She looked at this poor thing and it was pretty brand new.  She thought that at 50 years of age she could say to the mother.

"What of earth  bloody possessed you to bring a new born  to the city on a stinking hot day and even more bring it into this cesspit breeding ground of germs and viruses?"

Then she thought
 ' First time mother deluded into thinking she can have it all.. I will give her a break"


Then she decided she will wait till she is 51 to have the pleasure of  sharing her self opinionated grumpy old lady thoughts with people who don't want to hear.

Then she went looking for a toilet in Westfield.
There were plenty of signs, but no toilets.  She knew she wasn't the problem as she kept meeting the same women looking for a toilet on different floors.
She said it was like 100 women doing the Amazing Race.

When she did find one there was an armchair outside the cubicles. Yes the cubicles.  Mum reckons you would be pretty desperate to sit there reading the paper in a cloud of flatulence and Eau de Par fum .

Mum didn't like Westfield specifically , as it was a shrine to consumerism paid for by the debt of people not knowing every aspect of the word enough.

 BUT, what disgusted her the most was that here was NOT ONE oppie in there.   And this was the city shopping centre that claimed to have it all.

When mum came home she wrote an email to Westfield about the poor signage of the toilets and how the shop owners who pay shitloads in rent would not like it if their customers left, because of the same and what about the tourists who dont speak English. She felt better and she is hoping they will shut her up with a gift voucher. She said she is tainted with consumersim too.

Mum has a brilliant mind and it never shuts down and she has  lots of pondering that she wants me to blog, but my paws are buggered.

So instead  we have been down the beach and I have been swimming and mum has has clean salt air cooling and calming her mind  down and she been happy  and at peace and all is good in our corner of the world. And sometimes its the simple things that make the rest look unimportant.

 I think Sydney is good for mum to escape to every now and then, but she is better off up here with me and dad and the beach.