Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My mate Sid

I have had the chance to become mates with Sid.  It all started when I saw the brilliant holes he had dug in the chook yard.

This is the bedroom.

And this is the family room.  He made the family room bigger because when the humans were away on holidays Lavender went down the burrow and got stuck.When they came back they couldnt find her.  Joseph had to dig her out. She has been there three days. This way no one gets stuck.

Sid still has to keep an eye on Lavender.  She is a bit special..

I have to say he is an excellent digger. And I told him.
"Sid! You are an excavating genius!"

Then  I heard the sad story of Sid and why he is the happiest bunny in Macmasters.

It seems Sid lived with a lot of other people and his name wasnt Sid.  It was Cuddles!. He hated it.

Everyone said he was cute.  He hated it.
They cuddled and kissed him and put ribbons on him.

"I bloody hate this.  I feel so stupid.  I dont feel like a blokey bunny.  All the ferral blokey bunnys laugh at me!"

Then Sid came to live with the Wilmotts. ( Clancy was in italy the day of the photo).
And Dad and the boys said ,
" It must be humiliating for a man  bunny to be called Cuddles.  Its a a detriment to his blokiness."

  So they called him Sid , after Sid Vscious.  Well after that Sid was the happiest bunny, but he felt lonely.

" I am so lonely."


So Mum and Joe brought home some orphans that needed loving. And that when Sid found his calling.

Sid is a great dad even if being a single parent can be tiring.

"Sometimes I just need a little me time" he says.

But he loves those girls. And they love him.

Now I just go and check Sid and Dawn and Lavender and Baby.

 "Hi Sid!"

"Morning Rosie"

I would still love to play fetch the chook, but it would upset Sid. And he is just happy.  So I am happy not to play the game.   Because I have found something very interesting in my lagoon.


And we walk to the lagoon every day.

Isnt life great!.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sore paw and bird payback

So mum is feeling better but since Dad was going down the beach she said to take me and he did.

 And this is the other part of my beach that looks towards Copacabana and the people who live at MacMasters say the best thing about Copa is the view to Macmasters.  HaHa      

So Mum must have been feeling really better and she took me for another walk.                                                                              

And i couldn't run.  Mum thought I was bunging on a limp as I already went for a walk this morning, but I have a cut between my toes.  So they cleaned it and I thought I would look really sad, so Mum would feel bad. This is my best sad face and Mum didn't feel guilty and she said to tell everyone its the back paw not the front.
And when we got home the cockatiels were really upset because they bring me back from the beach. I think Peter and Baldy hope that I will get lost as they like to be the boss of the house.

"Oh Mum brought that bloody dog back AGAIN! Why does she do that? Why cant she just lose it!"

. So I showed the cockatiels  this thing that mum bought for ebay and said it was their parents. And they were on drugs and thats how they got stiff and googly eyed.

Scared them stiff.  Then they figured it out. Told me to get stuffed and next time I have a bath they are going to call me a poodle.
 But I just laughed and laughed. 
Then mum said she had to get towels dry. She said "Rosie you smell and you have a sore paw. Bath tomorrow."

I am so misunderstood.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my beach

So mum has had her brain run out of puff.  This happens every now and then and we put her to bed and she comes good in a week.

So I thought I would show you some snaps of me on my beach.

First you have to do a lot of sniffing on the way.  Its the only way you get information,  See here.
Rocky has been through.  No bush turkeys or rabbits.

I have to walk ahead as mum never sees the mesaage spots.

This one is very important.  Bob has seen a cat and a bush turkey and says to check out Chanels new hair. "She really looks like a poodle, but dont laugh as its really gutting her"  Ok.

So this is my beach.

And this is me posing on my beach.

and this is me frolicking on my beach.
And then I run into Chanel.

Lucky I had been prepared.  What do you say?  How is anyone going to take her seriously? But I tell her it looks great.

And then we come home and I go and say Hi to Sid and the girls and he says

"HahaHa . Rose hangs around with poodles"

and I say "Yep.  You're right Sid'  Just outside the chookyard Sid"

Some days life is more than great.
Next time I will snhow you my lagoon.

Monday, August 23, 2010


So today it has rained most of the day and mum went out for most of the day  and when she came home she brought a doll cause she reckons she can get good money for it on ebay.

But I reckon we should keep it cause it scares the shit outta the cockatiels and they wont come out of their cage.


Geez I laughed and laughed.

And when mum was getting changed, I told them that one doll  only has a head cause the other doll ate its body.

And after mum came out she let Peter and Baldy out and they were freaking out. And she said to Dad.

"Whats up with those bloody birds? They wont get off me"

And I looked at mum as if to say,

"It must be the weather"

And Mum said

"You havent been for a walk today and so we are going for a really big one tomorrow"

I dont care its been a great day!!!!!
Sucked in Entree and Hors d'oeuvres ( thats my pet name for the birds).

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Election day breakdown

So I still didnt understand who won the race to become top dog, the bitch or the mongrel.  I decided to ask around.

"Hey Sid !  Who won the race?"

"Rack off Rose!! You're only here to torment me and the girls.  I am not playing fetch the bunny or the chook"

So I asked Baldy the cockatiel

"Hey Entree, I mean Baldy what was with the race"

And all she did was tell me to piss off that she was having a sleep and that she was not an entree. So I asked a very strange chook who flew into our yard.

And she couldnt even talk she just laughed the whole time.  Very strange.

So I went back to ask Sid
And I didnt think mum would mind especially whilst she wasnt looking.



Saturday, August 21, 2010

Election day

So everyone was out last night, except mum and I was bored and she was asleep so I thought I would help them by unpacking the rubbish and licking it clean and mum woke up thinking  there was a robber and found my helping.

And mum growled Rosie "did you do that?"

And I said "no"

And mum said
"you have too much energy and we are going for a bigger walk tomorrow" 
And we did and on the way home Mum went to some starting boxes as she had to tell someone who she wanted to win an election  race. I dont know what this, but I think its a human race.
It was between a ginger bitch

and some sort of mongrel who would never win a race as he isnt made are dynamically ( bad face and ears)

and the other guy somehow got scratched. Apparently he was stabbed more thann scratched

So I am very tired and I have no more energy and I am so misunderstood.

 Until tomorrow