Friday, July 22, 2011

The rain never stops and I am stuck inside.

Can you believe it has been raining for days and I have been stuck inside.

Four days!!

Mum wont go out.

 She said it is raining so hard the retaining wall is a waterfall
 And its pouring over the flooded shed floor

The shed is underwater

And that the side of the house is a gully for the hills runoff,
and did I really  want to go out?

And I said " How hard is it to stop the rain?"

                                                                                                                                                   And she took me to the front verandah to show me the rain and I said
" A sprinkle, you can make it stop"

Mum then said,
"I can do a lot of things but I cannot make it stop.Besides the beach is a mess."

And I said " I bet Dad can make it stop because he is a good builder and does maths"

And Mum said , "Right "Miss My dad can do anything" , get in the car we are off to the Beach."

My head went up " I love the beach"
And off we went.

And she said , "Off you go.  Where would you like to swim? Here? "

"Out there with the black dot of a human?"

"or in the Rock Pool that's under water and getting hammered by the waves?"

When we got home all I could do was sulk as I am sure Dad could fix it.

 So for three days I was  bored

So bored.

I am so bored I am dying of boredom.

That's it my legs have seize up and I cannot walk
 I hope mum is feeling guilty,

I can even roll because I am so bored.

And then I heard Dad yell;
"Lee the sun is out, I am going down the beach, How about I take Rosie.?"

And I was off.

Oh I ran, I sniffed,

I even checked out the new macmasters totem

And raced a bull dog around the lagoon.

And when we got home Dad gave me cooling down massage.

And I said to Mum just before I fell asleep
"I knew Dad could stop the rain"

Sometimes I think  mum is a little too sensitive to criticism.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mum and Dad's holiday

How is this?  Mum and Dad went on a holiday.

When they came back mum showed me photos and explained it all to me.

So this is how it goes.

Mum and Dad get in the car and go down south to a place where there are kennels and they are with Dad's original pack.

There is a beach.  Looks ordinary to me and there are NO hounds allowed.

And a lagoon.  Again very ordinary as there are no hounds allowed.

Now here is where is gets very interesting.

Some of the pack get on planks of wood and push themselves around the lagoon.

I have no idea why. But once they get sick of it they come home and then go out and do it again the next day.

This one seems to get lost.

And they have to send one of the strong ones out to go and get her and tow her back.

I don't know why Dad did it, as it made him feel very gruesome. I think Dad is going to kiss the ground.

Some of the pack have done it so often, that all their fur has dropped out and this is what they look like.

But they keep doing it.

Others stand in the sun and go
"blah blah school blah blah blah"

Others wait until the winter sun is at its warmest and lay outside to get their body temperatures up.  Just like me on the front verandah.

Other just stand keep watch for the pack.

Then they gather at feeding time, eat , go to bed and get up and do the same thing again.

Mum said I couldn't go because they don't allow hounds at this particular set of kennels.  Secretly I am glad I didn't go for a few reasons.

The first is human pups.

Very fast, noisy and unpredictable. A bit like Maltese terriers only with less sense.

The second and a big one is a very strange breed of greyhound.  I swear its uglier than a poodle. This made me think that the water is very bad down there.  It must have caused some mutation in breeding.  A bit like you would expect from a nuclear fallout.

It is the only reason I can think of,  to create the hopping hound  and cause the varying degrees of fur fall out such as this

and this.

I, on the other hand had to suffer the stress of being dog sat by my own special carers.

This involved lots of good food, walks and patting by Leonie and Livvy.

It was a tough job for a hound, but it is
exactly how it should be.

By the way. Any place where you have to go into a cage to chase balls is not the holiday for me.