Monday, August 12, 2013

Happiness is cheap.

So Muv says that happiness doesn't have to cost a lot of money and that  we have lost the plot in this consumer driven world, by making happiness and joyful moments something that costs money, because we are groomed by clever advertising to believe that in order to be happy, which we are  told that we are  entitled to, we have to pay money to have stuff.  She said its clever marketing by addressing the psychological self ,the ego, and massaging it.

On the other hand she really really lost me after  

 " cost a lot of money"

 and that got me thinking.

Being a Duchess hound I give so much happiness at very little expense. No wonder they love me

I  have to keep up Pater's routine of smooges and massages, as that makes him happy.  The fact that I let him do it whilst watching the sport and therefore he doesn't notice how long he has been doing it ,is kind of me and great for him,

Hoom Bruv gets to smooge me too.  It makes him so happy. I even snuggle with him at night.  I think he is scared of the dark or something. All I have to do is look at him with big eyes and he is happy.  He calls it my Frodo look.

This is the Frodo,  He stole my style. Then I was told he was a hobbit and that sounds like some sort of mixed up bunny to me .


And when Hoom bruv finds his bed warmed up, well the look on his face says it all.

And it makes Muv so happy to see me be a surfer hound chick.

However Muv is missing my Hoom Sis. She is in a place far far away called Manchester, where they don't talk Australian.  She is doing a PHD which I think is short for learning about Prescious Hound Dogs.  

 I think its a Muv thing as she is the same way about the eldest Hoom Povo Uni Student Bruv, who lives in Sydney. This is him on his piano. He has a smaller one at home.

As you know birds and critters make Muv happy.

And what makes her even happier is taking photos of them.  Muv had a good camera that a chum gave her, but it gave up the ghost as Muv is a very persistent photographer.

She was trying to get these Microbats leaving their cave, but they were the swiftest flying creatures she had ever seen and the camera couldn't keep up. And Muv Hurrumphed. That's when Pater said
" Muv go and get some money out of the bank and buy yourself a whizz bang camera as photography is the one thing you consistently do"

And he is right. Mum gets bored very easily with things and moves onto something new.  Its either because she is gifted or fickle.
But photography and creatures is something she seems to have stuck with, along with opping. Opping is short for Op shopping and that's a whole other book.

So Muv went and got her whizz bang camera. She said it was worth it and she wasn't conned into buying it by advertising for short term happiness with long term results.

 So Muv went crazy. Every day she would take about 300 snaps of surf

And the lagoon

And the wetlands

And the lagoon which is of National Importance now

And the lagoon and the beach

But when it came to the birds  it was 

"NUH! go away"

No way am I smiling

And the worst ones
"you can photograph my butt "

                                                                                       And" No way amI looking at you!

Now what these fat feathered bludgers have forgotten is that Muv ,

Hoom Bruv and Sooky Chooky (who helps with digging by eating worms)  spent a lot of time and energy making a native garden for these bludgers to have good food. 

Look at the feast they have made for them,

 So the least they can do is smile  and cooperate..

So when Muv is unhappy

I am not happy


 So I had a yawn

And a did a lot of thinking 

And I will tell you what I did.

 And it involves my two new friends Muffy and Fluffy the Ragdoll boys.

But that is the next blog.  It is going to takes a lot of writing cause  it was so brilliant .

But now I must relax and rest as I have been awake for 30 minutes.