Saturday, November 26, 2011

mums thick head

This is mum.  She is really happy here as she found her fly swatter, which means she can go after those buzzing blighters and smash them to smithereens.
 You wouldn't think mum had a broken brain. `
And she manages it pretty well.

However sometimes her brain mucks up on her and she gets stuck.

Especially at the moment .

It seems that mum is involved in a biff with some people.  Only this kind of biff cant be sorted as usual, like Dawnie does with the chooks and like I did with the border collies

It seems that these bad guys use their words and write and talk to biff..  And that Mum has to go and see some  " medical people who are whoring their skills for an insurance company to make money, rather than doing the job their are meant to do, which is to help people with illness.  We know they are whores just by the job they are doing .  However   the degree and cost  of whoredom doesn't make a better whore and by saying this we are really insulting sex workers but mum cant think of anything better to call them cause her bloody brain is broke by the corporation that all these whores and parasites work for." 

I think I remembered it all.

And this is where mum  has been very busy writing a response to the whoremaster's pimps who asked questions.

So I have been helping her.

For three nights



I was 


Helping her

with words

and sentences until

I was too exhausted and thank goodness she had finished.

But every day I did remind her that she needed a good walk to clear out her brain.

Over three days and four nights she wrote 9400 words. 
She said she was in crisis mode, which is a bit like when she picked up one of the border collies that attacked me.  But now she has run out of puff and Dad has  put her to bed.

Later on Dad gave me a massage and said
"Rosie how did we manage before you?'

To be frank I don't know how they did. Mum says she would never have been able to leave the house before she had me and she had forgotten how to do little things like say hello to people and make small talk.

However more important  for the time being we are just going to let mum sleep and soon she will be up again,

Back to her normal self, wearing her hats chasing flies and taking photos.

Oh and going on the best walks with me.
because I am such  a lucky hound too.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Greyhound Myth

My name is Keith and I live around the Roberts Family.

They rescued Rosie Greyhound from some kennels because she never won a race.

Everyone thinks greyhounds cant sit still and that they must run around all the time. So I think its time to clear that up.

Greyhounds love to run

And sleep.

Greyhounds like to swim

And sleep.

They love going for walks

And sleeping

They like to watch things happening.

And snoozing.

They like to work for good causes.

And they sleep on the job.


They love to eat yummy food.

And go back to sleep.

They love listening to story's..................
with their eyes closed.

They love cuddles , before during and after sleep.

They don't even care who they share their sleep with.

                                                         Smooges from small humans.

Chats with older humans.

And then to sleep.

Just on their own.

Or share a chair with a chum.

Sleep when a puppy.

Or sleep when old.

Sleep in pyjamas.

Always where it is warm , never cold.

So next time you see some greyhounds, don't be fooled.

They are the sleepiest dog,