Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mums exciting trip

This morning when I woke up I saw that Dad had left a message to Mum. It said
"Take Rose down to the beach. It will be real fun as she hasnt been out for 2 days and let her swim and chase cats and eat dead fish because the lagoon is emptying out"

I thought I had better show her this,

But guess what happened then? The note blew out the door and up the hill and down the road to Kilcare.

So I thought I better tell her otherwise she could have got into trouble with Dad.

So I told Mum and she went "Hmmm its really crazy out there." But I swore on Black Top's grave that it was   true and so off we went.                                                                
At first there was a little wind and a  sprinkle of rain and I was wondering  what all the fuss was about.     
 But as we got closer , it got a bit windier and the water was rushing out of the lagoon at the same time as it was rushing in.
And when we were getting to the bottom of the track is was getting more and more windy and it was like a million dogs howling it was  so noisy .                                                                                                                                                 
And the rain was getting a bit harder, but me and mum were gobsmacked watching the sea birds chasing fish

This one was very courageous,
And this one was almost downright suicidal

And me and Mum go so caught up in the happening of it,  we weren't ready for the next bit ,,,,,,,,,well mum wasn't
When the whole beach lit up and it went crack.
And then
And that's when I said to Mum " IIIII ttthink IIII bbbetter gggget us hhhhome"
And no matter how fast I dragged her ( for her sake) she wouldn't move faster.

When we got home Mum said" I hope Dad leaves a note for an adventure tomorrow"

But I don't think so.  Its too much for mum

Friday, May 13, 2011

The bunny situation

Look at this face. Does this look like the face of the happiest Duchess hound of MacMasters Beach?

Does this look like a Duchess hound who is fulfilling her dreams and duties?

Does this look like a hound who is happy with some of the most stupidest decisions her Mum makes?

If you have answered no to all of the above you are right!

It all started with Sid.
Look at him.
He thinks he is the head of the non humans and that includes me.

It started when I was outside the chookyard just talking to the chooks.

I was just mucking around with them, having a laugh.

"Mum says if you don't start laying she is sending you to KFC"

'Hey did you know Mum has given you names? Yeah your new names are  Roast Chook, Chicken Keive and Chicken Catatore"

Geez I laughed.

When I went back to laugh some  more with them Sid said,

"Rosie stop it.  Your not funny"

Sids a spoil sport, so I thought I would just water the garden.

"Rosie its not nice to upset the girls.
If mum sees you are in big trouble'

" Nup.  Mums gone out"

Only she hadnt.

And next thing I know the chooks are out and I am in .

But what was worse

Sid was out.

And I looked at him.

And he knew I was looking and he ignored me.

And then I really looked at him.

And he said
"sucked in Rose '

And I said, 'ok'

I didn't tell him that these were some of the best profile shots I have ever had taken of me.

I mean for an inside shot its bloody brilliant and shows all my best attributes which is most of me.

However I think it appropriate to continue sulking and have mum suck up so she learns her lessons and Sid is put in his place.