Friday, January 28, 2011

simbahs holiday

The school holidays are over and I have to say that I am exhausted.  I didn't know that humans could be so busy when having a holiday and lucky Mum and Dad have me, as I don't think they would have managed.  The responsibility  of being the most beautiful beach hound and the only canine in the family did not overwhelme me, but I was tired by the end.

Simbah came over to stay.  He is just like a cousin only he doesn't know how to keep still. But he fits right in. 

He even keeps me company outside the toilet when mum is in there.

And he doesn't argue when I tell him I am the only one allowed  to push open the door when she is in there.

And he is a great watched dog, though he scared the shit out of everyone before we convinced him Joseph lives here and gets home late.

That included barking at this rock for 10 minutes before mum convinced him it was a rock.

We were very cool on the beach and Simbah has great potential for sun bleached tips.

We went over to the farm and while he couldnt keep up with me and Tyson, he did get to swim in the little dam and stink like both of us.

And he didn't whinge or carry on at the post stinky dam hose down and lock out after.

And he is very respectful of Bear and sees a  capable dog,  NOT three legs.

But Simbah is the ledgend and leader when it came to human pups.  He took off like lightening and knew where to hide before we could blink. I then knew what to do the next time the pup came over.

We were so busy, that every night he slept like a baby. 

After a couple of days his dad did come back and took him home across the road.

I sure will miss the little feller.  Lucky mum has me as she could have been very lonely without Simbah.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Little Visitor

Yesterday mum said

 "We are having a little visitor for a couple of hours today."

So I opened my eyes and thought,

"Well Simbah is here and he is very cool, so how hard can another dog be?"

What Mum didn't say was that it was a human little visitor.  It was male human pup!

He runs.

He grabs and open things that I would NEVER be allowed to open.

He leaves mess.

Then he wanted to play chase the dog.............which was me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Simbah has had experience with human pups as he split long before I knew what was going on.

And just when I was about to snooze in the best hiding spot in the world
(Joseph's room because you cant see me in the mess), the pups parents have come back and Mum calls out,

" We are  ALL going for a  walk down the beach"

Have you ever walked a human pup?

They are hopeless.

They are slow.

They have to stop and sniff and touch anything that takes their fancy. They are worse than poodles.

Me and Simbah were going mad.

Then the pup throws himself in the  lagoon.

And your hoping the humans are watching him as swimming doesn't come natural to humans as it does to hounds.

And they look like they are watching and the pups mother was with him. But do they know the lagoon like me and Simbah?

In the end I just sat, yes SAT, ( ready to leap if need be) and watched the lot of them as it was all a bit too casual.

And did I tell you they have a three legged dog as well. I can honestly say there is no disability with this boy except with swimming in the lagoon

And he swims in a longatudinal sinking way.

I tell you by the time we all got home and everyone left, Simbah collapsed into bed

And I couldn't move any of my finely tuned muscles including my Serina Williams butt.

Human pups are hard work, but when you have to watch the humans too, it more than a hound and a terrier can bare.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my terrible injury

So the other day me and mum were down the beach and I was running in my usual way, that attracts many comments from an adoring crowd, when I went to make a graceful leap from the sand dune and landed badly and as mum said came a cropper.
And I was very very injured and  I couldn't walk and there was blood everywhere and Mum burst into tears and lucky Alice the Vet was there and she said 
"Take Rosie to Hound ED she needs stitches"

And I ended up with 5 staples and I am very sore and sorry. But at least the vet didn't shove a thing up my bum like he did last time (Weirdo!!)

And Mum and Dad made made lay down in their room they were so worried.

After wards  Dad came in and said,

" I know I am not to give you snacks but you have to keep your strength up"

And I said "OK
And then Patrick came in and said,       "I know you cant have snacks, but you have been terribly iunjured and  could be anaemic so have a few bikkies" And I said "Allright if you insist"

Then Joseph came in and said 'Oh Rosie you look so weak , here is a liver treat'

And I said "I will try."

Then mum said "Rosie do you think you could manage a little dinner?"
And I tried,

And I persisted,

The bone was a bit tricky with my sore back leg,  but I eventually did it.

And they all said what a brave and tough hound I was managing all that. And that I will get better even quicker if I keep it up.

Well I do have to do my bit for the family dont I?

Friday, January 14, 2011

All turns out OK

So Mum and Dad say

"Guess what Rosie? We are going to the baseball"

And I go "Yay I looooove baseball!!!"

And then they said I wasnt going.

Oh the dissapointment.  I couldnt hide my feelings. Abandoned!  Left!!


Then Mum said
"I will leave you your dinner just in case you feel hungry."

I didnt get a chance to say good bye when they left for wherever they were going.

I was sooooooo full and I was snoozing on the lounge when Patrick came home and woke me up.

I could barely got to roll over and open my eyes when he said
"Rosie! Have Mum and Dad gone out and left you  all alone.?"

"I bet you havent had dinner"

What would you say?

I am a hound!

I gave him just a look and he made up his own mind as to what it meant and he said

" Ok I will get you some"

And I thought
"Well he insisted and I can hardly refuse"

The next day I wasnt feeling good and Mum figured something was up.
Then she and Patrick had a talk about who fed me last night and I was caught out.

And all Mum said was,
"Serve yourself right for being a guts. Next time I am leaving a note that you have been fed."

I am so misunderstood.

But I dont care cause it all turned out Ok.  For me