Friday, January 30, 2015

My new chum

So one night I had this great idea and I went ."Muv muv are you asleep" and she said whose there and I said good you are awake . I want a pet cat.

And she said no.

And I went and sat on my bed and sulked and gave her my sad face and she still went no.

And then I went "Muuuuaaarv I want a pet, a friend of my own so I have someone to play with"

She said you can play with the chooks"

Are you kidding ? They are vultures.  They pick on me They bite my toes!

Muv says "what about Handsome Frank comes to visit?"

    Well he does make my heart go boomity bang but he doesnt live with us.

I want a mate like Gin and Tonic are mates

Like Mrs and Mrs Ducker are mates until Mrs Ducker lost her head and Mr ducker died and we had to hide him in the bush so he wouldnt get eaten.

I want a cat to play with . We could have staring competitions and it could lick my coat
and we could chase things and have fun.

Then Muv said 'Ok Rosie you can have a cat! But there will have to changes.

 You will have to live outside in a kennel that dad will make out of scrap as you know what he is like


 You will have to sleep in this old mat in the yard

 Because cats  can only sleep inside on sofas or 

Thats MY SOFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 comfy beds

And My comfy BED!!!!!!!!
And you will have to have plain biscuits and left overs as we have to save the meat for the cat. they can only have the best.

SO I had a big think  and I decided I was selfish wanting a cat and I told Muv to leave it as I didn't want all the extra work for her and Pater and she said are you sure and I said yes and she said we can have turn of one from up the road and I said no no no no no , its best for all of this way.

I could have lost every thing.

So right now I am having staring competitions with flies before I eat them

 and play with the fearsome Gin and Tonic down the beach,

 And wait for Frank to come visiting
And hang
 around all my chums like poodles

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